About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Canfield Beauty leverages the expertise of our parent company, Canfield Scientific, the global leader in skin imaging systems, and was born from the understanding of the unique needs of the retail beauty industry. We believe in meaningful, unique, and powerful experiences that enable beauty brands to enhance their customer experience and level of service.

With more than 30 years experience providing best-in-class services and products for scientific research and healthcare applications, Canfield has a foundation of unprecedented size and scope in this niche market, making us the partner of choice for all your imaging needs. Our imaging systems are used throughout the entire life cycle of products, from the initial research and development of formulations to the sales and marketing at Point Of Sale. Through our relationships in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, medical and skin care industries, we have a vast amount of experience and understanding of the market and saw an opportunity to revolutionize beauty consultations in retail to support our partners’ business goals and bring their brand philosophy to life.

Our Mission

At Canfield Beauty we provide brands with consultative tools that transform the way they engage their customers in conversations about their beauty needs. All while maintaining our standards for the highest quality, state-of-the-art, scientifically proven imaging technology.

Innovative. Reliable. Trusted.

What we do

At Canfield Beauty, we are constantly innovating, improving, listening to feedback, and delivering leading-edge solutions to meet and exceed customer needs. Canfield Beauty combines advanced imaging technology with sophisticated cloud-based tools to empower you to engage, educate, and understand your customers.