Added Value

Added Value

A mobile device solution enables store locations to leverage the power of the cloud in new and exciting ways.
With Canfield Beauty’s cloud connectivity, you benefit from:

Cloud Based Data

…provides quick and easy access to your customers’ detailed consultation information from prior visits to any of your store locations. Know their beauty needs and preferences at every step of the customer journey.

Strengthened Customer Relationships

… result from continued consumer engagement, even after they leave the store.

With access to personal consultation information anytime, anywhere, they can track results and changes to their regimen, building loyalty for your brand.

The secure ViewMyConsult® (VMC) customer portal is a powerful engagement platform that extends the customer relationship beyond the in-store encounter. VMC provides consumers access to their images, skin-assessment results, and product recommendations from any web browser, and they can revisit what was discussed during their consultation to motivate and reinforce their buying decisions, and track progress. Consumers can also easily share their experience with friends and family, broadening your reach through referrals.

Empowered Beauty Consultants

…review the Consultation Dashboard that enables our partners to monitor the consumer’s post-consult engagement with their brand, essentially becoming a digital client registry. Visibility to how often consumers view personal images provides consultants with a way to gauge interest and plan follow-up communications.

A Personalized Product Database

…allows you to update your products and recommendations library, and easily roll it out to all installed locations.

Personalized Product Recommendations

… generated by an intelligent auto-recommendations algorithm provide beauty consultants with suggested personalized product recommendations.

Powerful Business Analytics

…offer insight into how your investment is being leveraged. View data company-wide or drill down by region, location or even specific user.

Big Data

…provide unique consumer insights that influence your business and marketing strategy. Data are collected effortlessly and summarized visually to easily identify long and short term action plans.