The leader in imaging brings you the next generation retail consultation.

With NEXA, the future of retail beauty consultations is in your hands.

NEXA Compact

Intuitive and versatile, NEXA Compact puts the power of imaging in your hands, allowing you to bring the beauty consultation to your customer.

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NEXA Studio

For a luxury service experience, NEXA Studio offers a more in-depth skin imaging analysis and comprehensive beauty consultation.

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Omnichannel Experience

NEXA’s cloud-based solution offers a robust omnichannel experience, enabling anytime, anywhere access for consultants and customers.

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We’ve reinvented the traditional retail beauty consultation.

Faster, smarter and more engaging, NEXA helps your beauty consultant:

  • Engage and educate customers in a conversation about their skin

  • Understand your customers’ needs

  • Deliver a consistent message for your brand

  • Connect with customers with a loyalty-building omnichannel solution

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Versatility Designed to Better Meet Your Business Needs

Mobile in-aisle solution? Check. Advanced skin analysis with the power of a counter solution? Check. NEXA’s built-in versatility meets the needs of all beauty retail models and spaces. The NEXA studio includes the versatile hand-held NEXA Compact and Photo Booth. Take the Compact out for the mobile experience. Dock the Compact into the booth for the full Studio experience.

Dual Performance Modes. One Solution. Optimal Value.

Nexa Compact - In Aisle

With the power of NEXA Compact in hand, offer the passerby a high-value and informative experience so quickly and easily they don’t even need to put down their shopping bags. Show the customer what stands between her and healthy, radiant skin: sun damage, red spots, brown spots and more. Zoom in to the images to examine the surface of the skin in eye-opening clarity.

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Modern Convenience for the Consumer On the Move


...customer consultations and establish expertise with a best-in-class skin imaging tool that provides real-time in-depth surface and sub-surface skin analysis. Our intuitive iPad interface delivers the detailed imaging results needed to enrich and improve customer interaction, while providing a guided workflow that minimizes training needs.

Proactively engage

...customers anytime, anywhere with the mobility and intimacy of an easy-to-use iPad-based platform, while accessing our smart product library engine to deliver personalized product recommendations. The iPad interface enables you to create and improve customer loyalty, track progress and personalize regimen adjustments with the ease and convenience of a hand-held tool.

Stay connected

...with your customers with ViewMyConsult, our secure customer portal designed to support your CRM (customer relationship management) and omnichannel experience. Customers access their in-store analysis results from the comfort of their home or the convenience of their phone, continuing the conversation long after they leave your physical retail space.

Strategically Evaluate decisions with the power of big data, tracking consultation and location statistics, customer access trends, and more by day, month or even year-over-year.

…all packed into the NEXA Compact

Nexa Studio - At Counter

Dock the Compact into the NEXA Photo Booth for a complete Studio experience. The standard optimal lighting enables consistent, quantitative skin quality assessments not possible with a compact alone. Review sun damage, red and brown spots, wrinkles, skin texture, and more, all at the press of a button.

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The Luxury Service Experience

The optional Photo Booth provides a component of theater and delivers additional features to the Compact. The NEXA Booth is essentially a passive system that the NEXA Compact is able to leverage for the additional lighting and standardization of the Photo Booth which allows for a much more accurate representation of the customer’s skin analysis. Irrespective of which device you use, the NEXA application is essentially the brains of the experience, detecting which device is being used, communicating wirelessly to capture images, driving the consultation, and collecting the data.

Wrinkles &
Fine Lines


Surface Spots

Brown Spots

UV Damage

Red Areas

Visible Pores

Clogged Pores


...more customers with the stopping power of theater at counter


...a closer and more dynamic look at customer’s skin needs with advanced feature detection and quantitative analysis

... all with the added value of the NEXA studio option

Omnichannel Experience

We provide a complete uniform view of your brand across channels – for you and your customer.

Enable valuable customer touch points from the initial in-person consultation with automated product recommendations to all POS interactions that follow, including future online customer engagement.

Build customer loyalty with our 360-degree view of customer interactions and transactions across all channels to create a truly personalized experience.

Create a seamless, unified shopping experience, offering customers the ability to review their consultation results, revisit product recommendations, and shop anytime, anywhere.

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A device to enhance retail consultations

Intensifying the intimacy beauty assistants can have with customers on the shop floor is where growth is for all brands. The personal touch counts. Canfield Beauty, a new initiative of Canfield Scientific, the global leader in skin imaging systems, services and products, has launched NEXA®, a handheld mobile imaging device that alone or with its complementary booth system empowers beauty brands to improve the customer experience, enhance their level of service and create an engaged and loyal following through the use of mobile, quality skin imaging technology.

Skin Imaging Technology and the Retail Consultation: Helping Brands Enhance the Customer Experience

The beauty industry as a whole is booming and as the skin care industry has witnessed a shift in demand from older consumers to a growing younger consumer base, so it’s not surprising to hear that consumer interest in skincare is trending up.

Trending Tech: A quick tour of digital beauty business innovations

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